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Thank you for inquiring about a product or service. 

This form is sent directly to a purchaser who will research the availability of the product you're looking for. We submit orders on a weekly basis every Monday. In some cases it may take some time to source the product in question.


Things to keep in mind when placing a special request

-Not all products are available to us through our vendors. In order to order a product, it must be carried locally and sold through licensed distribution.

-Due to their scarcity, many limited edition bourbons and whiskeys are not available through the special request program

-Most beer options are only available in 24 count cases. In most incidences we are unable to order a single six pack of beer. We will gladly place an order for a full case as long as the requester is able to purchase it in its entirety.

-While we work to fulfill and notify customers regarding the status or availability of a product, if you don't hear from us in a course of a week, please follow up to ensure there hasn't been a mistake on our side. 


Thank you again.


Due to ordering schedules and delivery routes, it may take up to two weeks for the product to arrive once ordered. 


You must be logged into a hokuspokusliquor.com account to submit an order. 


Thank you for submitting a request!


We will work to provide you with an estimate of what the end price is. This can change and in some cases isn't guaranteed to us until it is invoiced in our receiving warehouse.


All stock orders are submitted on Monday, orders coming in after the close of business Monday may not be available until the following week.


Unless arrangements are made, we will either return or sell unclaimed special orders after one week or receiving the item in our store.